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Excursions, S.Petersburg

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Pavlovsk Pavlovsk Pavlovsk Pavlovsk

Suburb excursion Full day.

Pavlovsk is one of the more modest emperors residences but until now it remains the most popular excursion for exceptionally beautiful and a popular excursion for citizens because of it splendid park. Its history starts from Caterina the Great who liked the nature of Pavlovsk area and  visited often these places for the hunting trips. In the 1777 she gave her son Paul I the area on the banks of the Slavyanka only 4 kilometres from Tsarskoe Selo as  a present for the birth of his first son, the future emperor of Russia Alexander I. Modelling the design on English gardens, the  architects Charles Cameron (1782-86) and Pietro Gonganza (1803-1828) created a

huge English Park with numerous temples, colonnades, bridges,statues, woodland, hills, small lakes and bubbling streams. Natural landscape stretching over 600 hectares  and it remains the biggest landscaped natural park in Europe . The main palace stands on a hill and is designed in a horseshoe in the classical style. Its relatively modest interior provides a contrast with the other palaces of the tsars.

Later Pavel favored as his residence Gatchina to Pavlovskoye, and therefore, since 1788 the latter was managed by his wife Marya Fioderovna, who enjoyed animal husbandry (she used to milk cows herself) and thus built a large farm at the edge of the park and a wooden pavilion for studies. She was also a skilled artist, a member of Berlin Academy of Arts, and her numerous handicrafts still remain in the palace. A large collection of books was accumulated in the palace. In 1796, the village received a status of a town and renamed to Pavlovsk.


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