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Courses» Russian for Law Students

 This course type comprises 10 afternoon lessons in a mini-group. The course could be taken only in combination with the Standard Group Course.

This programme is geared towards the needs of foreign students specializing in international law. This program focuses on the high level of communication skills needed for constant communication and exchange with international partners that is required for professional competence.
The beneficial cooperation   with the Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has resulted in a programme that is really unique: it perfectly matches the needs of students specializing in international law and enables students to maxmise the efficiency of their time in Russia.
  • Minimum admission age: 16
  • Course starts: upon request
  • Minimum course duration: 1 week
  • Levels available: block 1 B 1.2 – B 2.2, block 2 C 1
  • Timetable: Mon-Fri, 9.30 a.m – 1.00 p.m. (Standard group course). Mon-Fri 13:30 – 15:00
  • Number of students per class – 3-5 (min. 2)
Additional mini-group afternoon course "Russian for Law Students"
price per week
Block 1 (levels B 1.2. – B 2.2.)
maximum duration 2 weeks
Basic concepts of Russian law
Constitutional law
Labor law
Commercial law
200 euro
Block 2 (levels C 1)
Basic concepts of Russian law
Constitutional law
Labor law
Commercial law
200 euro
* In the beginning of each week students in class together choose 2 topics of common interest for discussion for the present week.
Address: Moscow: if your trip includes staying in Moscow, our representative will guarantee the high quality of all the booked services and in case of any question you can afford on his 24 h support.

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