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Russian gypsy dance» Dance alive lessons

Russian Gypsy Dance

Among the other types of gipsy dances the dance of Russian gypsies is one of the  most complete, saturated with figures and technically difficult. Because of its fire and  temperament, already two centuries ago, this dance  was inspiring the great Russian writers to exalt it in their works. The passion of Russian noblemen, merchants, bourgeoises and peasants for the cheerful and bright gipsy dance, became a reason  for its multiplying in  numerous variants, improved with the   adding  of many new elements, often created by the same dancers or imported from the  other dances. From the performances in squares the Gypsy dance was transmitted to the people, then to return again to the theatres and restaurants, already renewed and supplemented. The dance of the Russian Gypsies can be ardent like the Spanish Flamenco or light and coquettish like the dance of the Turkish Gypsies. Great attention is paid to the clearness and the limpidity of movements, which connect the dance of Russian Gypsy  to that Indian. As well as the classic “falk” manner, Russian Gypsy dance consists  also of the so called "vengherka" - the gipsy "step". In this type of dance  the more important part is the leg virtuosity  (as for the man than for the woman), but they are followed also with the flexuous, soft movements of the hands and with the shaking of the shoulders adopted from the  famous oriental bellydance. Sometimes it is used in Russian Gypsy Dance another oriental component - the shawl, which nevertheless is not only used by the Russian Gypsy ballerinas, but also by those Spanish women in Flamenco. Now days during the scenic performances the Russian Gypsy women use also a movement that is not used much  in the popular version: the game  of the bright  part of his long and wide skirts hem. With able movements the ballerina circles the many-colored cloth of his petticoat miming the figures to "marine wave" or to "wing of butterfly", or “opened flower” or whirl.
But much more than the technique of dance or the physical of the dancer, it is important hers personality in interpreting this dance. That’s why the gypsy dance can be studied in any age  -  because this is the unique  dance where the woman can show her originality  and temperament using a beauty, talant and passion  which she  already have since the birth.
If your are interested in  join to this beautiful Russian Tradition during your staying in Saint-Petersburg we are waiting  you in our class, which is situated right in the center of the city - Kazanskaya street 7.
For those  who had already been in Russia , or  is only planning his jorney, but who would like to try itself in this beautiful dance, we offer its on-line variant in  the Skype lessons Gypsy Dance. 







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